Xu Guang

Associate & Vice President

Mr. Xu Guang has served as the Vice President and the Chairman of Investment Committee of Huajin Holding Group Co., Ltd, President of Huajin Fund Management Co., Ltd, President of Huajin Holding Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Xu Guang has been engaged in multiple departments at the headquarter of China Three Gorges Corporation, and its two subsidiary companies: China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd, the world's largest publicly traded hydropower company, China Three Gorges Corporation, as well as Three Gorges Finance Co., Ltd, a financial investment holding company.

Mr. Xu Guang has profound experiences in the capital market, enterprise management, human resource management, investor relations, and is fully skilled in the fields of equity trading, integrated service coordination, and public relations management, etc. He has participated in such landmark capital market projects as the overall listing of China Three Gorges Corporation and the equity separation reform of China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd, and led the promotion of the launch and establishment of Three Gorges insurance brokerage Co., Ltd, Huajin Fund Management Co., Ltd and other financial institutions.

Mr. Xu Guang was the member of The Seventeenth Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the executive of The twelfth Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association, the member of The Third and Fourth Youth Federation of Central Enterprises, the member of The Twelfth and The Thirteenth Standing Committee of Hubei Youth Federation, etc.

He holds a master degree of Northumbria University at Newcastle.

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