• Fund Initiation Coordination Committee

  • High-level Strategic Communication

  • In-depth Communication with the Promoter

  • Formation of the Executive Team

Vision & Mission

Green Investment

Establish a professional benchmark for green investment and promote green and low-carbon transformation and development of China's economy by focusing on green equity investment.

Exchange Platform

Build a non-governmental exchange platform for innovative strategic cooperation between two countries in green development, and promote bilateral commercial cooperation in the green finance and technology sector.

Historical Development of the China-U.S. Green Fund

During the state leaders' visit to the United States, the leaders of political and business communities of two countries proposed to establish a market-based green investment fund that will serve as a private platform for bilateral cooperation on green development in a very forward-looking manner.



China-U.S. Green Fund was incorporated into the Fact Sheet of the Eighth-round China-U.S. Strategic & Economic Dialogue Outcomes of the Economic Track.


The China-U.S. Green Flagship Fund I completed its first close, and attracted diversified investors related to the green industry, including state-owned capital, private capital, etc.



China-U.S. Green Flagship Fund I completed all the fundraising work, with a total size of RMB 2.3 billion.



China-U.S. Green Fund Management Co., Ltd. completed the registration of private fund manager with the Asset Management Association of China, and was qualified as fund manager of PE fund.




The Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs and the Paulson Institute organized the Coordination Meeting of China-U.S. Building Energy Efficiency Fund jointly with One Bank and Three Commissions (i.e. PBOC, CBRC, CSRC and CIRC) as well as leading enterprises of China and the United States.



Upon approval of the State Council leaders, the China-U.S. Green Fund was formally established. Mission: Focus on green investment and build a platform for people-to-people exchanges and green cooperation between China and the United States.


Mr. Xu Lin resigned from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) to serve as Chairman of the China-U.S. Green Fund, which was requested by leaders of the State Council and approved by the Leading Party Group the of NDRC.



According to the decision to adjust the Fund's management business structure and after consulting with Paulson Institute and obtaining the consent from the Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs, Chairman Xu Lin started to prepare for the establishment of China-U.S. Green Fund Management Co., Ltd. which was responsible for future development of the China-U.S. Green Fund.